For a full list of publications, check my google scholar page.

AutoRT: Embodied Foundation Models for Large Scale Orchestration of Robotic Agents

RT-2: Vision-Language-Action Models Transfer Web Knowledge to Robotic Control

RT-1: Robotics Transformer for Real-World Control at Scale

SayCan: Grounding Language in Robotic Affordances

  • Using large language models for planning in robotics
  • Demos, Paper - Best paper at RSS 2022 Scaling Robot Learning Workshop, Oral at CoRL 2022

Self Driving Data Visualization

  • Data visualization for status quo on the race to build the self driving car.
  • Demos - 2020, 2019
  • Code

RL bots on StarCraft 2

  • Built RL bots to play StarCraft 2 by adapting A3C algorithm and training in Deepmind-Blizzard StarCraft 2 environment
  • Video demos, Paper

Multimodal emotion detection

  • Built a multimodal emotion recognition system with team of 3 in collaboration with Emotech AI.
  • Co-invented gated recurrent attention, beat human performance on CREMA-D and paper accepted at CoNLL ’18
  • Video demos, Paper

CubeRover: A Private 2kg Rover for Lunar Exploration

Blockchain for Cars

  • Built a decentralized app based on ethereum blockchain for secure and dynamic vehicle identity, finalist at World Blockchain Hackathon 2018, San Francisco
  • Code

Decriminalising LGBTQ in India

  • Prior to September 2018, identifying as LGBTQ made one an automatic criminal given that “unnatural sex” was felonious
  • Petitioned the Supreme Court in the legal challenge against section 377 of the Indian constitution leading to historic verdict decriminalizing alternative sexuality in India
  • Media Coverage : NDTV National Interview, Print


  • Created a subscription based e-commerce demand aggregator in 2014, won Start-Up Weekend at IIM Calcutta and associated with 6+ investors
  • Two takeaways: Decided to go to grad school to become an effective technical founder; Lots of ideas make money, but is it worth spending your life on?