I am Keerthana! I am a roboticist at Google Brain: I spend a lot of my time thinking about how to get scale robotics and build general purpose intelligence in the physical world.

If you don’t shut me up, I will talk endlessly about robotics, artificial intelligence and self-driving. Currently much of my free time is spent authoring a textbook on Machine Learning for Robotics with OReilly Media. I am passionate about investing and stock markets, start-ups and technology, fitness, public policy in India and gender equality.

I currently live in San Francisco. Among other things, I played chess at the national level as a 10 year old, can speak four languages and successfully petitioned the Indian Supreme Court to change the constitution and legalise alternate sexuality in India. I am the lucky mother of an adorable pug puppy, Kiwi, who is monstrosity and innocence rolled into one. I love to find humor in everyday things, write creepy and unsettling poetry and pace the hallways at night worrying about existential issues.