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California Autonomous Driving Test Statistics 2019

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The CA DMV, on Feb 26, 2020 released a batch of reports filed by multiple companies testing autonomous cars in the bay area. All companies testing autonomous cars on public roads are required to report statistics and details related to miles driven and diengagements, otherwise known as human-takeovers. The batch of data visualised here corresponds to the period spanning Dec 1, 2018 to Nov 30, 2019.

While the statistics are useful to look at large scale trends, they cannot be taken as an apples-to-apples comparison between companies. In addition to the fact that various companies are targeting different markets and business models, miles per disengagement is a faulty approximation of maturity of the system since the numbers are affected by where companies drive, the difficulty of driving scenarios cars are tested in, which diengagements are considered valid for reporting by the company, etc. This allows for a wide room of interpretation and as such these numbers should be taken with a self-driven truck load of salt.

What we've attempted here is a pure visualisation of aggregate reported statistics, without attempting to draw any conclusions. Feel free to play around with it and let us know if you spot any inaccuracies. Original data dumps for disengagements can be found here. Additionally, reports of collisions involving AVs can be found here. Note that here, a car is counted in fleet size only if it clocks at least 1 mile over the entire reporting period and does not account for cars that are registered but have been inactive.

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Disengagements Locations{: Street | : Highway | : Freeway | : Parking Facility | : Rural}

Disengagement initiated by Actors {👤: Test Driver | 🤖: AV System}

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