Why’d you prevail?

Originally posted on Medium

Sourced from Google Images

The contours of your face
Imprinted in my memories
Your face, that I’ve worshiped
Years went by
The wheel of time and with it the pages of history piled
But why,
Why don’t they erase your face from my heart
Why don’t they dirty it
Tear your pristine portraits
Why do you prevail
Like the bizarre sorrow of a cold night
Like the forgotten whisper in the whirling wind
Like the imaginary forms in a floating cloud
Like the footprints in the snow, departing
Like the waves that haunt the shores of my mind, unceasing
Like water marks on daring rocks
Of streams that once were,
Their gargles resounding in the flutes of time
Like reflections in still water, undeterred by ripples
Staring back at me,
An unrelenting shadow of the past
A laugh that lingered long enough to be a frozen scream
Like a creeping fear, a touch on the shoulder
Turning back to see it was unreal
Like the dejavu of a lost scene,
One that’ll never be
Doesn’t stop me from chasing lost mirages
That turn to nothing in your palms as you grab them