Voices of a Forgotten Dream

Originally posted on Medium

From Google Images

Third somebody in the room
Like an impenetrable wall
Between us.
The mind knits careful words
yearns for a soft feel of the cheeks
pinches in anticipation of the kiss.
Unsaid, undone.
Cheesy sugary eternals
Aborted, replaced with blank expressions
All the love means nothing
With a strange face in the room
Not intimate, never alone..
Not two, always three.
Cackling laughter that fills the room
Empty persuasions to reassure
Empty, meaningless lies
Meant to fulfill a need
Violating touch leaves you small
As the strange face grows larger than life
Looking over you, invading mind spaces
Forever changed
Promises failed
Transformed irreparably
Two souls emerged disentangled,
As they grew stranger and colder
Repressed ideals, only fools are dreamy
Warm shining enduring star
Put out by a tsunami of betrayal
Unfeeling, cold, how much we’ve changed
What a spectacle it could’ve been
Binary stars, touring cosmic space
For eternity, spinning in a consuming trance
Soulful sync
Leading to growing, interesting worlds
New life, new worlds, new traditions, new memories
What a spectacle!
Old timid couple
Bent spines, white hair
Sagging skin hand in wrinkly palms
70 mighty years behind them
Accomplished dreams behind them
Gazing into six foot pits
Beds for sleep
Side by side
Alas for the starry flares years ago
Burnt in discord
Disrupted, spinning in turbulant feelings
The string that connects hearts
going aroud the globe
A thousand yellow stroked plumerias,
Fell at once
Buried, melting into soil
Separated in search for cosmic purpose
Together no more,
Partners no more
Familiar no more
Stars have no memories
Pieces of stone that they are
Some could love you more in a year
Than others in fifty
But why bother
Why preserve
Tainted, scratched pots
Broken scattered pieces
Blend into soil
To be moulded again
In hope of a new story, new journey, new life
Mud has no memory
But in an elusive strange dream
Immersed in the fragrance of fallen plumerias
On winding dew-wet roads
And walks at dawn
Spotting owls from cycle rears
Magical happy dream
Someone unusual
Seems strangely familiar..