It’s going to be okay
It’s going to be okay because I will make it so

I have cut chords with people who didn’t care
I have moved on and I am okay
I can do it a million more times
And still be okay
Why just okay? I will thrive.

I have said so many good byes
I have lost both people, money and places
I am still okay, I am happy even.
I have cried and bawled my eyes out
I have been frustrated enough to pull hair out
But the sun still goes up and with it I go up
I’ll be okay.

Whatever tornado hits the world
And displaces everything that is familiar
The ocean in my heart is deep
Calm, peaceful and familiar.
I am the only stable that needs to be.
My heart can take infinite damage
And still survive
Like the sword of Griffindor,
Absorbing what makes one stronger

My resolve is immovable, my principles uncracked
Even if I fall my conscience is unsullied
My fist is iron and autocratic, my will irreversible
My pride intact , my morals unshaken
My voice is familiar and soothing
No matter the change,
Even in the eye of my storm,
I am the only constant that needs to be

Like goddess Lakshmi that sits on lotuses
Growing amidst the dirt while rising above it all
Powerful while feminine and beautiful
My freedom is absolute,
My autonomy over my body sacrosanct and untouched
Wounds are laid and scars are healed, so many times
I become unbroken and whole
Over and over again

No matter how many times it is doused
The fire in my heart will never be quenched
No matter how many times I fail
I will never be defeated..