The Truth

The truth is absolute and immutable.
The beauty of physics and our world is that
The truth is traveling at the speed of the light cone,
Sights and scenes of exactly what happened and was said
Scattering from one end of the universe to the other
Never to be muted
Perennially out there to be seen for those that want to see

The truth remains true
Regardless of whether one hundred or one million believes
The truth remains true
Regardless of whether no one believes
It doesn’t become more or less true as a function of the size
or the power of the set of believers
The truth doesn’t care about your modeling of belief functions

The way that the photons of truth are scattered, you are bathed in it
Your whole life, believing or not, plays out on a stage engulfed by it

When one is heavy with important truth
That would light someone in darkness
That is costly to be kept guarded
One would shout it from the rooftops,
from the mountains and the radio stations
One would send it racing through the universe

To move fearlessly, to move gracefully,
To break what needs to be broken
And what will not withstand the truth being spoken