Summer in my backyard
Warm coffee in my belly
The sun simmers on my chest
Filling my bosom with love

The sun smiles at me from afar
My pug flashes her puppy eyes from my lap
Newly sprung summer flowers beam from around
And so I sit in my backyard on a carefree sunday

The wind hums a sweet little song
Caressing my wild hair like would a lover
Guiding falling leaves and pollen my way
Showering me in nature’s bountiful love letters

When I close my eyes, I see a pink warm glow
Craning my neck for the rays falling on my cheeks
And in the sky I see
Translucent worms floating among clouds

Snuggling cozily with my pug on my chair
My mind is feather light, my brain in blissful humdrum
Counting the blessings in my life, and all this love
Afloat with gratitude to be alive and right here, right this moment