Originally posted on Medium

Like an ocean that leaps and bounds
Like a dragon that kicks and breathes fire, alive
Like a wide chasm between us
Our hearts are so far, far apart
Closed to each other
Though for a second we were so close
Like a bridge out into happiness
Like a hand that appears while drowning

But now I’m puzzled
Standing on a vast mountain range
Looking into caves very strange
Brooding beneath an eerie silence that I cannot change
Trying to make sense of thoughts rather intense
Why does my heart incense
The air is heavy, as if with words unsaid
And all the murmurs are only in my head
Like a thousands ghosts are haunting
And a thousand birds are cackling
But just not yet..
Like a mighty river held prisoner by a dam
That only a tiny fracture can let unleash
My words are tied to silence
But only a pin drop can break lose all chaos

What is broken in all but a second,
Is perhaps never meant to last
Like a dream in broken glass
Like a mirage that fades as you near
Why must I fear
That for an instance you appeared so dear
And just like that you easily did disappear

Leaving me bruised and in pain
Like I’m cold out in the rain
Why did you leave me bereft on this hard terrain
Only to sting in my memories like an old sprain
Despite I’m happy to have run into you
Even though we bid adieu
I walked from the dark into a warm hue
To dance with you, and I’m no longer blue