Shooting Stars

Originally posted on Medium

Clicked by Tom Eliasson, from Google Images

If the moment is beautiful, is consistency necessary
If the eyes align, why do the stars need to
If happiness can precipitate in the now, who cares if the past and future are unmade
If the timeline is a mist, so what, if today is stark clear in a happy, mad hue
Can we count our sins after today, losing,
Can we contradict our values, shackles of morals, just for once
Today, sinning in passion
Can consistency have cracks, like little black holes, pulling us toward them, invisible yet
Can we unravel today, unrelenting, entwined
If our smiles can move the world
Do they need to abide by rules
If my fingers meld into the spaces between yours
If now is perfect in every respect, can we escape from the world
Together, dilating time,
If the world stopped spinning for a second with its endless threads
Can we noose our horses with them, tools to run away
In a devil may care
Escaping into a vacuum of insanity and delirium, yet very sane
Sucked into a hollow wormhole, doorway to another universe
Where it’s just us, no rules, no light
Hiding in plain sight yet invisible to all
No questions asked
Can I swim in the world within your eyes
Disappearing for a second, cast aside, as I glance into the naughtiness that is you
Counting the reflection of stars in your eyes, lying on a moonlit beach
With sand in our ears
Embracing the orthogonal asymmetry of the noise of the waves, relentless,
As they bash by my evolutionarily flawed pinna
Lying awake and close to you as everybody snores
Can we leave the world behind
Escaping into fourth dimension
Just you and me and the sweatiness of our palms, grinding the sand from beaches virgin,
Even if you’re only a shell, can I wait till tomorrow to pick you apart?
Can I wait till tomorrow to concede that you’re only perfect in my illusion?
Can I forget, just for today, that you’re not mine to hold?
Waltzing in the darkness, guided by our heated breaths
In an engulfing dance, quite a trance, spellbound as if it was meant to happen since forever
If forever was charted already why did we have to jump out of time
Why, in the midst, where the line between imagination and reality blurs
Did we make our world, consuming in each other
Can we iron it, to fit reality and normalcy
Like a globe stuck up into a map to fit in a book like all others
That people can turn over in careless, unsuspecting boredom
Like a riddle in plain sight, yet not one for except the lost and blind
Can we lose ourselves in the unreal
Forever gone, sucking in the intoxicating fumes of laughter
Before our hands drift away and we wake up unenchanted
Hold me by your little finger
Like I’ve a sensation of your touch from another world as I live shackled by the strings of morality
Meeting every expectation
Stretching, writhing to fit the cot
No questions asked, like a sign of the insane, free and untamed
Will you be by me
Like a madness that strangles to trigger off a shower of shooting stars
In the pale cold night we lie beneath
pleasurable, beautiful, evanescent, lasting only for a second in the now
Much like us.