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I will not be the decked up doll,
Meant to please
Dumbed down by the appropriate amount
Draped in a tone of sugar and niceness
Intellect and insanity stuffed down to a small chest
Thrown into a sea
Sinking deep in its bellies
While the silent waves leave no hint
Of the tempest that rages within
I refuse to be the calm waves that kiss your feet
But I will be the storm that jolts you awake, honey
No, I refuse to be the caged, cut down parrot that picks your luck at cue
But I will be the eagle that swoons, flying unrestrained far above your world
No I refuse to be the Lakshmi at your knees
Because I am the Kali that can pin you down
No, no
I refuse.
I refuse to be your obedient nourisher
I refuse to listen to you shout running streams of hot tears
Living on morsels of respect and breadcrumbs of love
I would rather be the free bird that escaped your clutch
Your deepest regret that unsettles you forever
No I will not be the embellishment to your trophies
I will not be your golden snitch
A sidelined character in your mediocre tale
That only serves to plug your wanting insufficiencies
I will be my own grand epic that is recited for centuries
and you, a mere shadow in my everwinding storylines
I refuse to be just nice, I refuse to keep my voice low
I refuse to dress ‘like the other girls’
My voice will not be the undertone to your insecurities
But it will be the trumpet call that moves generations
I refuse to fit in the little box you hand out
For I’m born to be a particle wave raging in the vastness of creation
An everlasting spirit, a relentless force to reckon with!

This poem is inspired by TV’s poem: