Moods of Weather

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Shedding leaves and pretenses
Dropping off, pieces of one’s soul
Carried in the wind,
Passing on the living will
Leaving bare bones, branches behind
Shrinking in, staring within
Introverted shrugging to oneself
Quiet, unhindered
Preparing to be hit
By the the chill of loneliness
A lazy winter and creeping cold
Like cancer on your determination
Spreading eerily, binding you
Estranged frosty bite of a distilled purpose
Dreams that have grown rusty
Stuck in a glass cage of ordinariness
Unbeknownst, that
Strength of a will is not measured in its surge
But in its endurance of purpose
Finding your way when the mist is dense
Flashy displays are for easy, emotional fools
Takes a special someone to tie the open loops
Making silent small strides
Marching on
While the world is blissfully asleep.