In Search of You

Originally posted on Medium

Sourced from Google Images

I walked down the road

Through alleys and corridors

In search of you

TRying to catch your eyes in the crowd

Sliding past glass windows for a sign

Of you

Your voice still rings in my ears,

As if playing with them constantly

Much like your lively, restless spirit

Your thoughts are fresh in my mind

They emerge from me

Become a hundred fireflies

And leave for the nightly bushes

In search of you

As if messengers of my yearning

They’ll keep my love alive in the wild

Even if this body may have fallen by the side

And have become dust

Maybe they’ll light the path

For someone lost in pursuit

Like a torch of endless hope

Or a bottomless pool of resolve

They can take a swig from

I have no rest, no home

I belong nowhere but in your arms

My footsteps will resound in these alleyways

Where we once played hide and seek

Around and around

And if my eyes finally close

Before finding you

And I fall apart

Maybe I’ll smile in relief

For whenever my eyes close

You have come alive to me

Then I’ll be home at last

Slowly wilting beneath the sunshine of your face

Shining bright in my memories

For where you’ll be, will be

My final resting

Where you’ll be, will be

My home at last.