My Happy Orchid

I have a happy orchid plant
One that blooms white with a purple hue
Standing against my window nonchalant
Shining against the sun effortless

And then one day I decided to move
My happy orchid sat in a box
Waiting to see the light
But for a while it was left forgotten

In the darkness, while I sorted my affairs
It stood biding its wait
As dust settled on its glossy green leaves
Turning them a shackled shade of brown

Then one day I took my happy plant out to the sun
But lo, along fell its wilted flowers
Dried as though from a deep sorrow
Crumpled as if from age and fatigue

I still kept the plant on my countertop
Lamenting its languished flowers
Barren in a dusty charm
It stood biding its wait again

I never stopped watering
Seeking hope like an oasis in a desert
I gently wiped the dusty leaves and
Picked away the last drooping flower

Leaving behind what’s dead and long gone
Decidedly I accepted the present
Thus many days went by
And the sun smiled and set upon us aplenty

But one day, just as I had forgotten
A little bud sprung up on the stalk
Like all but one acne
On a pretty woman’s flawless face

And then another and another
Soon, my happy orchid was just as alive again, even more,
All the watering triumphed over hopelessness
And happiness was knocking at my door again

As though happiness was waiting for me
To walk from an unserving present
Just one hard decision away
And I only need say yes

New doors open where others close
Like little buds overwhelming an orchid stem
That drooping flowers once clung from
My happiness, that I so fiercely fought for
That I’m determined to protect at every cost
Compounds to abundance from undiscovered prospects
Like relentlessly blooming beautiful flowers
On my beaming orchid plant in the sun.