Draft of Death

Originally Posted on Medium

A storm still raged in the midst of sea,
Where I had murdered you,
I lost you, far away
Your bloodstains mixed in the steam
Like a whirlpool of red
But far out in the sea where no one could see
Your face haunts me
My hands feeling, forever slippery with your blood
If I’ve slain, why are you still tied to me
Like an albatross around my neck

I’m the woman that befriends a storm
So I took my sails to confront you
Out in the sea, the red tempest that you’re
I cusped your slain spirit,
Like a ball of red glass and slipped in my purse
You will not haunt me when I lose you in the desert
So I wandered
With your murder clenched in my hands
Concealed like a quizzical spirit

The sandstorms embraced me as one of their own
But you coloured them red with my guilt, conquering,
As I threw you into the air
In a million splints of shattered glass
You take me by surprise
But unbeknownst to you,
I savour the bloody humidity
Amidst which I walked and walked in the scorching sun
The heat did not fade you
Neither did it consume my resolve to lose you
You made shields of red clouds
And I hate the roses and sunsets, remembering you.

You taste like a draft of death
In the blood red of my wine glass
Your smile dissolving in its feathery swirls
Swirls, like that of a red sandstorm
And I quietly relish the sip of you
While donning a seductive smile
Catching your playful glance across the room
Come, baby, let’s dance.