Amber Heart

Sourced from Google Images

If all you need is inside of you
If desires, like threads of entanglement,
Spawning from your heart
Can be cut, and let go
Like a forgotten coffee cup on a subway
If feelings can be let go
Like fragrance emanating from a flower
Without leaving it any less fragrant
Than before
If memories can stay on
Like frozen bugs in a heart of amber
That one hides in a far away jewelry box
One I used to wear as a pendant of love everyday
Like a scar that I touch over with make up
A story to tell of a once upon a time
No longer relevant, no longer painful, no longer fresh
A wound that healed a long time ago
Giving way to new found freedom
From stumbling on happiness within
That always existed like a tiny lamp inside of you
One that never stopped burning
One that with a little care, Is an ever raging flame of secure self love
Knowing that who you wanted was always within
Others choices are irrelevant
If I choose me every day
If I am enough for me in every way